5 Reasons to Choose Natural Stone vs Faux Manufactured Stone

Natural Thin Stone Veneer and Faux Manufactured Stone

Natural Thin Stone Veneer comes from large pieces of stone that are removed from the earth in stone quarries. The large pieces are cut into thin veneers which show off the unique features of the environment. Natural stone forms over the process of thousands of years, and visible on the veneers are the variation in tone, texture, and imperfections that have been amassed over that time.

Manufactured stone is man-made out of concrete. It is made by using molds that are designed to mimic the appearance of natural stone. The goal of this faux-manufactured stone is to look similar to the natural stone without requiring the mining process. It is often lighter than natural stone and it can be installed in many different areas due to its flexibility in size and shape.

From a distance, the two types of stone may look very similar, yet up close there will be noticeable differences. These differences might cause you to choose natural stone over faux manufactured stone, as natural stone has a better appearance up close. It is clearly of higher quality and more unique than manufactured stone, and when looking at it up close, it is obvious that the material of natural stone is pure stone while faux manufactured stone involves varnish, paint, and concrete.

Green Mountain Veneer has a high-quality natural stone that can be installed in your house to create a beautiful appearance and aesthetic. Any guest to your home will be sure to notice and compliment this feature and additionally, you will be satisfied each day seeing the natural stone feature in your home.

The construction process for installing both natural stone and faux manufactured stone is similar, although faux manufactured stone can be somewhat easier to work with due to the flexibility in size and shape. However, natural stone is a better fit for many locations such as outdoors or near pools since it is more durable and can stand the test of time.

Construction can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to picking materials. The average person has limited knowledge regarding building materials, so doing your research is important so you can make the best choice for your space.

Both types of stones are great for different reasons, but considering natural stone as a superior alternative will allow you to have a gorgeous stone feature that you will be able to admire for years to come.

1. Natural Aesthetics

Natural stone comes in a variety of patterns, colors, and sizes which allows for a variety of aesthetic looks. 

Some various looks can be seen here: Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Some people might believe that there will be limitations in the aesthetics of natural stone compared to faux manufactured stone, however, there is a lot of variety in the look of natural stone. Natural stone still comes in many different styles which allows for a truly unique look that will also fit the vision that you have for your space.

With a close-up look, you might see identical stones or see the hand-painted finish on the stones that are an attempt to mimic natural stone but it may not quite cut it. With natural stone, this would never be the case and it would be clear that this stone was unique and from the earth.

The texture of the natural stone is also akin to stone in nature which can give your home a very natural aesthetic that will be very impressive. The texture will be imperfect which makes it a lot nicer than if the stones were smooth and felt fake.

Having a piece of nature in your home can be a great element that will make you feel peaceful and connected to the earth. It is a unique feel that few materials allow you to have, so taking advantage of this look with natural stone is a must.

There is already so much concrete in the world that has overtaken nature, and why add more to your home? Faux-manufactured stone is created out of concrete which is a traditional material used in construction. Replacing this concrete with the real deal can elevate your space and make it much more connected to the outdoors which is great for a true natural aesthetic and connection to nature.

2. Low Maintenance

Natural stone lasts for many years and does not require constant upkeep. Natural stone lasts through natural weather phenomena

The color of natural stone is maintained without a need for revarnishing or dying. Faux-manufactured stone can fade over time, but that is not a problem that you will have with natural stone.

Additionally, many manufactured stones can not withstand high pressure from a pressure washer or manual scrubbing. This means that it is much easier to maintain natural stone and there are more options for cleaning it and keeping it maintained.

Maintenance can have added costs over time, so minimizing the amount of maintenance that must be done on your stone feature allows for fewer additional costs coming up later on.

No one enjoys maintenance, as it can be tedious and feel like a lot of work with no reward. Faux-manufactured stone requires maintenance to keep the color and structure intact, as it is very prone to fading and damage compared to natural stone. Natural stone needs very limited maintenance which gives you more time and energy to do things you enjoy while still getting the benefits of the beautiful stone look.

3. Originality

With natural stone, you will have a truly unique design feature. Natural stone is one-of-a-kind and it can create an original and fun look. Faux-manufactured stone has a set design that everyone who purchases it will have in their stone feature.

Having a one-of-a-kind stone feature can make your home stand out. A lot of the stone that is mined for natural stone features comes from the Northeastern United States, yet high-end stone can decorate your home anywhere in the country. Having this character in your home can add to the look and design.

Total originality is something that you can never get with manufactured materials. Manufactured materials are created in large quantities using the same molds for each set. This means that there are a large number of copies of the same manufactured stone that are in many different homes.

Not only is the design not unique to your home, but it might not even be unique to the area that you are adding stone. If you look closely at the stone area with manufactured faux stone, you might see repeats of the same stone. The color and shape might be matching which can cause the stone to look fake.

4. Paying For What You Get

While the cost of natural stone is higher than the cost of faux-manufactured stone, the price difference is not as large as many people expect.

You may think there is a big difference in the cost of natural stone and manufactured stone veneer. However, it may be smaller than you imagine.

Man-made stone is slightly more lightweight than natural stone, yet the costs of transport for both types are fairly similar. 

Installation of manufactured stone can be cheaper than the installation of natural stone because it is more repetitive and easy to install since it is the same every time. However, the cost of maintenance is less for natural stone.

Natural stone is an investment that is well worth it compared to faux manufactured stone. It will cost less to maintain. When dealing with construction, it is always an investment, so making sure that you invest in the highest quality materials ensures that you will get the highest quality results.

The natural stone from the Northeastern United States is extremely high-quality and it can be shipped across the country to give your home a truly beautiful appearance. While the cost might be somewhat higher than the cost for faux manufactured stone, the investment is well worth it for a higher quality finish and look.

5. Durability

Natural stone is extremely durable in the long term. It will not fade due to light or weather, and the color will remain as beautiful as it was on the day of installation. Natural stone is created to last in nature for a very long time, and it will do the same for your home.

Additionally, natural stones can be used near pools because they can withstand the chemicals such as chlorine. The color will not fade like for manufactured stone which will give you a better appearance and structure. The veneers on manufactured stones are often not meant to withstand harsh chemicals or light, so the stone may fade and look unsightly compared to how you might prefer it.

Natural stone tends to be less porous than manufactured stone which means that it is stronger and will stand the test of time. It is unlikely for natural stone to need any serious maintenance in the homeowner’s entire lifetime which is not always the case for faux manufactured stone.

With an investment like a stone feature, durability is extremely important. Durability ensures that the stone looks how you intend for it to look and that it does not fade or get damaged over time. Having a high-quality stone feature will add value to your home as well, and natural stone will be of higher quality than manufactured faux stone.

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