Nantucket Blue Square & Rec Fireplace

Limitless Design Possibilities

Natural Full Bed Building Stone Veneer has been the way of using natural stone for centuries.  The Building Stone Veneer, also known as full bed veneer,  is a full profile stone veneer that ranges from 3-5” thickness and is recognized as the heaviest and densest out of all the stone options

American Granite

American Granite is a medium to coarse grained granite offering a rugged look. The weathered faces display earth tone colors including browns, tans, blues, and rust orange while the split faces offer a mix of blue, burgundy, pink, green, brown, black and white.

Corinthian Granite

Corinthian Granite is an elegant, medium to coarse granite and consists of 70% Hudson River Blue with a mixture of green, black, pink, burgundy, brown and white. This natural stone is admired by many.

Saratoga Granite

Saratoga Granite is a versatile granite that is the perfect compliment to many other surrounding granites. With its base color of Hudson River blue accompanied by varying weathered faces of which can be displayed or hidden depending upon placement and design preference.

South Bay Quartzite

Our South Bay Quartzite is a quartzitic sandstone with an advancing and receding surface that resembles a windswept and sandy beach. Visually smooth, yet heavily textured with a blend of tan, antique white, ice blue, amber, and brown. South Bay Quartzite will enhance any home from warm.

Ticonderoga Granite

This is a colorful blend of fine-grained and weathered granites featuring a watercolor-like palette of gray-blue, caramel, amber, pale green, and deep shades of brown.

Wood Creek Granite

This granite offers a dark-blue to dark-gray look with captivating white swirls and striations and the occasional inclusions of quartz and mica.