Our Thin Stone Veneer Collection

Corinthian granite thin stone veneer on the exterior of a home

Limitless Design Possibilities with Thin Stone Veneer

From classic to innovative our thin veneer line offers limitless design, color, and style possibilities. With 36 products to choose from, you are sure to find the right look to suit your interior or exterior project for a residential home, commercial building, architectural application, or creative landscaping feature.

Our Natural Thin Stone Veneer is available in four different cuts, which can be installed alone or blended together for a more customized look.

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American Granite

American Granite is a medium to coarse grained granite offering a rugged look. The weathered faces display earth tone colors including browns, tans, blues, and rust orange while the split faces offer a mix of blue, burgundy, pink, green, brown, black and white.

Copper Mountain

The dominating color tones in this sedimentary quartzite include gold, silver and brown with blues and grays as well.

Corinthian Granite

Blue is the dominating tone of this medium to coarse grained granite with a mixture of green, black, pink, brown, burgundy and white. Some pieces will feature black speckles consisting of red and black garnet inclusions and quartz crystals.

Dove Cove

This beautiful blend featuring granites and fieldstones from Vermont and New Hampshire. The diverse color palette includes a range from white, grey and green to tan, brown and copper.

Hazy Hill

With a rich mix of creams, tans and browns, this rustic fieldstone is made of a hard limestone.

Native Fieldstone

These natural round stones are hand selected from New England fields, woods and  mountainsides. With rich textures and  unique shapes these stones present an assortment of soothing earth tone colors.


This stunning veneer glisten in the sun with its marbled gray tones. Featuring a full color range from white to black the dominating tone is light to medium gray.

Panton Pummel

Quarried along Lake Champlain, this is a light grey to dark grey stone with some tan weathering. It is common to find fossil imbedded in this rough sedimentary stone.  

Saratoga Granite

This blend of medium to coarse grained granite features an array of blues with a mixture of green, black, pink, brown, burgundy and white with a speckling of red and black garnet inclusions accented by quartz crystals.

South Bay Quartzite

This is a visually smooth, yet greatly textured quartzitic sandstone with a blend of tan, antique white, ice blue, amber and brown hues.

Ticonderoga Granite

This is a colorful blend of fine-grained and weathered granites featuring a watercolor-like palette of gray-blue, caramel, amber, pale green, and deep shades of brown.

Tuscan Blend

This blend features a diverse range of colors consisting of copper, brown, light to dark gray, and rich blues.

Vermont Ash Gray Mica

This Vermont quarried stone is a metamorphic rock consisting of granite, mica schist and quartz and features a blue to black color with a touch of tan.

Vermont Verde Mica

Quarried in Vermont this exceptionally unique colored stone has a dark gray tone with dark green undertones.

Vermont Weathered Mica

This Vermont granite and mica schist stone features natural brown tones with rustic tans and a touch of dark gray and blue.

Wood Creek Granite

This granite offers a dark-blue to dark-gray look with captivating white swirls and striations and the occasional inclusions of quartz and mica.

Transform Your Space with Natural Stone Veneer

Step into a world of natural elegance with Green Mountain Veneer’s Natural Thin Stone Veneer collection. Each piece, carefully curated, embodies the rustic charm and enduring strength inherent in natural stone.

Whether you’re looking to enhance a fireplace, create a striking feature wall, or add a rustic touch to your outdoor landscape, our Natural Thin Stone Veneer is your gateway to realizing your design aspirations. With nationwide shipping, we bring the essence of nature right to your doorstep, making your journey towards architectural excellence a seamless experience.

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