How to Install Thin Stone Veneer – 6. Complete Your Install with Mortar Joints

If you prefer to see the joints between the veneer stone, it’s time to fill your joints with a pointing mortar to finalize your project.

We recommend using the MVIS Pointing Mortar. The easiest way to apply this product between the gaps is by using a grout bag.

Fill your bag with the MVIS Pointing Mortar and gently squeeze it out as you move it along each joint.

Make sure all of the edges and ends are covered and that the joint depth is uniform.

You can use a pointing tool to pack the grout into the joints once it’s slightly dry to help eliminate visible gaps.

Finally, it’s time to clean your stone veneer once it’s installed and grouted.

Just make sure the excess grout is cleaned within 30 minutes or it’ll start to dry and become difficult to remove.

And now your thin stone veneer installation is complete. Like we mentioned previously, your particular install procedure might vary based on the scope and details of your unique project, but this guide should give you the basic foundation and knowledge you need to purchase and install Green Mountain Veneer’s Natural Thin Stone Veneer.

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