Leon Demers: Demers Hardscaping & Stone Veneer

Leon Demers has a long history with the Green Mountain Veneer team. He started working at our sister company Livingston Farm at just eight years old and left six years ago to start his own business: Demers Hardscaping and Stone Veneer.

“I know everyone who works at Livingston Farm and Green Mountain Veneer so I enjoy being able to catch up and show everyone my completed projects,” he says. “Nothing is better than working with the Green Mountain Veneer team to complete a project and having them ask about it when I stop in. They truly are interested and proud of the work that I do.”

His knowledge and familiarity with our products has given him a level of expertise that benefits his customers. “When working with customers, I bring them to their stone yard to allow the customer to see the stone first hand. It is always helpful that the stone is well organized and laid out on display.”

With his focus on hardscaping and patio design, veneer has become one of his favorite products to work with. Between Green Mountain Veneer and Livingston Farm, he says “if you could find a product there I haven’t worked with I would be shocked. Their products are of high quality and they are constantly bringing me new business.”

Even though Leon has “left the nest” to start his own successful company, he remains an advocate for Green Mountain Veneer and part of the family.

“Every aspect of the business has exceeded my expectations. Everyone is so wonderful to work with and accommodating. Over the years, I have never had a poor experience.”

When asked to coin a catch phrase for Green Mountain Veneer, Leon had this to say: “Nice rocks.”

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