Thin Stone Veneer Cuts Explained

Depending on your style goals, Green Mountain Thin Stone Veneer is cut into four different variations. We currently carry Ashlar, Squares and Rectangles, Mosaic, and Ledgestone styles that are the perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor applications.


Our Ashlar stone line provides a linear look with long, fairly rectangular shapes. Our Ashlar thin stone veneer exhibits the face of the stone, revealing natural earth toned color striations.

Due to its versatility, this stone is regularly mixed with our other thin stone veneer to leave lasting impressions on all of its visitors.

Squares and Rectangles

The Squares and Rectangles line is true to its name, as it is composed of both squares and rectangles. These quadrilaterals maintain their true shape, yet still capture the natural qualities and hues that every real, thin stone veneer should carry.

These natural, seam-faced pieces are guillotined and formed into rough squares and rectangles ready to be applied to their next showpiece.


The definition of a mosaic is a design or pattern created by inlaying small pieces of various colored material. Mosaic shaped Green Mountain Stone Veneer carries itself with irregular shaped, quarried stone exhibiting a seam face and/or the natural face of the stone.

All of the stones have their own unique shape and cut, making each and every project a unique and beautiful masterpiece.


Our Ledgestone veneer carries similar properties to its cousins Mosaic, Squares and Recs, and Ashlar. Ledgestone is a refined type of stacked stone that emphasizes horizontal joints. The pattern is typically composed of individually stacked rectangles of stone, usually no higher than four inches, where the horizontal ledge is more defined than the vertical joints. 

The Ledgestone pattern is perfect for stacked, dry-laid, jointed, or fascia installation.

Next Steps

When you are ready to capture nature‚Äôs stone beauty in your home, call Green Mountain Veneer at (802) 377-3039 or contact us below. We offer a unique and wide-ranging selection of beautiful stone cut from quarries in the Northeast, and we ship nationwide! We look forward to partnering with you to create the home of your dreams.

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