How Thin Stone Veneer is Packed, Shipped, and Delivered

When you decide to incorporate the timeless beauty of thin stone veneer into your architectural design, understanding the journey it takes to your doorstep is essential. This careful process ensures the material arrives in pristine condition, ready to transform your space. In this article, we delve into the careful packing, shipping, and delivery procedures of thin stone veneer, spotlighting the dedication Green Mountain Veneer places on preserving the quality and integrity of each stone.

Secure Packaging and Organized Stacking

Thin stone veneer is transported with utmost care on a pallet, ensuring meticulous attention to packaging and organization. Each pallet is tightly bound with wire to keep the individual stone pieces secure and protected during transit. The stones are methodically stacked in layers on the pallet to maintain stability and prevent shifting.

Bundling for Convenience and Planning

The veneer is typically bundled in predetermined quantities, which helps homeowners accurately estimate their project needs. These bundles are often available in sets of 25 square feet, 50 square feet, or 100 square feet for flat pieces. Moreover, corner pieces are conveniently packaged in bundles of either 15 or 25 linear feet. This organized approach facilitates a more streamlined selection and utilization of materials for your project.

Furthermore, this allows us to better estimate shipping requirements by being able to calculate the weight of a pallet. Thin stone veneer typically weighs 15 – 16lbs per square foot, Therefore we can obtain the total pallet weight easily based upon the bundle size.

Pallet of thin stone veneer ready for shipping and delivery.

Efficient Delivery Process

For delivery, a box truck equipped with a lift gate is the go-to choice. This lift gate ensures the pallet is safely lowered from the truck to ground level, ensuring a seamless unloading process. Additionally, a pallet jack is provided within the truck to further assist with unloading.

Homeowner’s Responsibility upon Arrival

It’s important to note that while the truck arrives equipped with a pallet jack for delivery, relocating the pallet of thin stone veneer to the actual project area is the responsibility of the homeowner or stone mason. This step requires careful movement to position the pallet correctly.

In conclusion, thin stone veneer is delivered on a well-organized and securely wrapped pallet. The material is bundled in specific quantities, both for flat pieces and corners, to aid in project planning. While a box truck with a lift gate ensures easy delivery and unloading, the task of moving the pallet to its final project location rests with the homeowner, paving the way for a successful installation. With Green Mountain Veneer’s nationwide shipping, quality stone veneer is now accessible to homeowners across the country, ensuring excellence every step of the way.

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