How to Trim and Cut Thin Stone Veneer

During the installation process, you may likely encounter Natural Thin Stone Veneer pieces that require some cutting or adjustments to achieve that perfect fit. Luckily, there are many ways to cut Green Mountain Natural Thin Stone Veneer using a variety of tools that you may have access to.

Tile or Diamond Blade Saw

One of the fastest ways to trim thin stone veneer is to use a wet tile saw or diamond blade saw. The water running across the surface will reduce the particles and dust ejected from the cutting process. It also makes for a very clean cut. A similar cutting tool without the water is a hand grinder. Hand grinders work well to score and break away small pieces of stone.

Carbide Tipped Chisel

The second method uses a carbide tipped chisel to score the surface of the stone. Make sure you clean off your work surface because if there are particles beneath the stone you are trying to score, your crack lines may end up in the wrong place. Some masons also use a stone file across the surface of the stone to create a groove. Then place your cold chisel in the groove and give it a sharp wrap or two with a hammer. It’s not always the most predictable method but it’s fast. 

Hardie + Trimming Hammer

The third method replaces a stone guillotine with a hardie and a carbide tipped trimming hammer. A hardie is a hand tool that has around a 3” blade and 12 lbs of steel. The trimming hammer has an offset head on one side and a striking head on the opposite side. This can be used for trimming and striking. 

Small Chisel

And the fourth method is somewhat slow and tedious but very effective. Once you have your veneer stone secured, use a smaller chisel and slowly chip away at it little by little until you have reached your desired trimmed size. Make sure you are not too ambitious when chipping away; just do a little bit at a time.

Next Steps

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